Nick Planas

Composer and musician

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The Two Statues (Comic Operetta - 2015)

A young couple, Sara (Soprano) and Pete (Bass), are visiting a stately home, and come across two statues; the first is Agnes (Contralto), a young lady from the late 18th century, and Sir Granville (Tenor), an older man, from the early 18th century.

Sara admires Agnes’s dress, while Pete is casting a more laddish eye on her figure. While they make comments about the statues, the statues have their own opinions about the dress, attitude and general immorality of the youth of today (which the young couple cannot hear). As Sara and Pete study both statues and the story progresses, we find out that all is not what it seems with the noble ancestral generations…

This operetta, with a cast of just four singers, is a light-hearted comment about how the older generations tend to look on with disdain at the youth who follow on in the future age.

The music is easily accessible, flitting between a light baroque style and a slightly sleazy jazz motif, and is scored for keyboard and woodwind (flute/clarinet) with optional percussion and cello. Artistically, the emphasis is less on the music and more on the statues’ characters as we discover more about their past.