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Hilary Says... (Children's Christmas Musical - 2012)

This 40 minute musical was commissioned by the Northamptonshire Music & Performing Arts Trust - Brackley Centre, and was performed by the Musical Theatre group, directed by Kate Smith and accompanied by the Combined Music School Orchestra under my baton.

It’s Christmas Eve and Sam and Ashley are getting very excited about Santa’s impending visit as they sing It’s Christmas! although their teenage sister Hilary and her friend Chris tell them that Santa doesn’t exist, and that all their presents are bought and paid for by their parents, and that it’s actually Dad who dresses up as Santa to bring the presents in.  

The younger children are left asking their parents if this is all true, and tell them what Hilary Says about Christmas, themselves and the family in general, so Dad tells them how the presents are wrapped by the elves in Lapland and delivered overnight by Santa. As the children go to bed, we see the Elven at work (Elven Dances).

Later that evening, Mum & Dad decide that Dad has to dress up as Santa and make a lot of noise so as to wake the children and convince them they’ve seen the real Santa, although Dad cautions against being too noisy in case he wakes up his slightly batty Aunt Kate, who is staying with them. Meantime the two older children have already decided to hide in the living room and ambush “Santa” to prove they were right all along, whilst the two younger children also decide to hide there, so they can see the real “Santa” at work. But there is a big surprise in store for everyone - the real Santa Claus appeares, and they learn The Real Joy Of Christmas, before going to bed.

The next morning, the children wake up very early and decide to bounce on their parents’ bed and open their stockings (Christmas Morning) before Mum prepares a nice Christmas meal, and their elderly neighbour Mr Hollis joins them to keep Aunt Kate company.