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Home News Two London premieres!

My latest work, entitled "To My Father", written for Basset Clarinet in A and Piano, is having effectively two London premieres in the next two months!

On Monday 3rd February, Margaret Archibald played the first three movements in her 65th Birthday Concert in St.Sepulchre-without-Newgate, Holborn, accompanied by John Flinders. Margaret performed on the Selmer of Paris prototype basset-clarinet, gifted to Ted Planas by Selmer in the early 1970s, and extensively modified by Daniel Bangham of Cambridge over the winter of 2013.

On Saturday March 8th at 11.00am, Lucy Downer (basset-clarinet) and Cliodna Shanahan (Piano) will give the first performance of the complete Suite, at St.John the Baptist Church, Barnet.

This piece has been over 20 years in the planning and is a tribute to, and posthumous message for my father, Ted Planas, who built the first modern Basset-clarinet for Alan Hacker in 1969, which Alan used to play the Mozart Concerto on in that same year.

The Suite will be published in time for the March 8th concert, in a version for Clarinet in A or Bb with alternative bars for basset-clarinet owners. Full details will appear shortly under "Works"